Female Change Room Upgrade

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Mirrabooka Reserve – Female Change Room Upgrade

Mirrabooka Reserve Pavilion is in desperate need of upgrade to provide appropriate facilities for the growth in women’s participation. 

Over 100 women and girls compete for clubs playing out of Mirrabooka Reserve, however the pavilion currently consists of a single-purpose clubroom with no dedicated female change rooms. 

Women currently have no choice but to change in a shared space alongside men. This space is also a high-traffic area, being the path to access the club canteen and storage rooms.

To give these women and girls the facilities they deserve and to further promote women’s participation in community sport, we have a plan to upgrade to pavilion to include:

  1. Dedicated women’s changing spaces, including showers and toilets.
    2. Adequate external storage rooms so that changing spaces are not also walkways.
    3. A dedicated clubroom so that family, supporters and spectators do not need to congregate in changing spaces.

We are seeking the support of Local, State and Federal Government to complete this upgrade. Please share this link to others you know who use this space or who support proper facilities for women in sport.